The Steven W. Bernstein Difference: Experience

Throughout a long career of helping clients deal with foreclosure, Steven W. Bernstein has done many things that have provided him with the knowledge and experience to get clients and others through everything with the best possible outcome. His experience is more extensive than most. Not only has he been a financial advisor with one of the largest financial institutions for a couple of decades, but he also owned a mortgage company for about that long. Not only that, but he has been a licensed real estate broker for the last 30 years, as well.

One thing is for sure; Steven W. Bernstein has a greater understanding than most regarding the difficulty of handling the details when it comes to navigating the veritable minefield that is the foreclosure process and doing so in a way that makes the homeowner feel good when they come out of it. Steven’s expertise is such that he now travels all over the country, lecturing and teaching real estate attorneys and others in the business how to assist their clients with the loan negotiation and modification processes. That’s because Steven W. Bernstein is now one of the country’s foremost experts on every aspect of the foreclosure process.


Foreclosure Defense and Its Founder: Steven W. Bernstein

Steven W. Bernstein founded Foreclosure Defense LLC in 2009 after the financial collapse. This is a company which has dedicated its efforts to helping homeowners to avoid foreclosure by modifying and litigating against the servicers and securitized trusts that engage in foreclosure.

Foreclosure Defense has offices spread out through the United States, including in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. Steven Bernstein has obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree, Masters of Business Administration, and Law Degree, as well as being a qualified expert witness. He is a certified forensic auditor who has performed more than 450 forensic audits to date, spanning more than 10,000 hours. Additionally, Bernstein has owned a mortgage company for almost two decades.

Steven Bernstein’s talented team at Foreclosure Defense

From his own personal expertise and the personal experiences of millions around the U.S., Foreclosure Defense LLC was created. But Steven W. Bernstein has only been able to maintain this successful business since 2009 due to a talented nationwide team of professionals that help him consistently help homeowners maintain their own dreams of residential ownership.

Foreclosure Defense boasts offices across the nation that aid clients in all 50 states. From the cities of Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles and New York, these professionals strive to improve the troubles of nationwide homeowners. Steven W. Bernstein has assembled talent across various aspects of litigation and mortgage assistance to ensure the best results possible for each homeowner seeking help. In addition to office staff, the professional team assisting clients from these national offices include qualified attorneys, paralegals, researchers, process servers, expert witnesses, forensic auditors and more, all of which are also expertly training on sophisticated software programs that banks and servers also use in home mortgage lending. Bernstein’s expertise in bankruptcy techniques and the foreclosure process as well as his trained and experienced staff have created a successful business that consistently helps homeowners save their homes during a treacherous time in monetary and mortgage lending.

Steven W. Bernstein – Prepared for Your Case

It takes more than an education to be a great attorney. It takes real life experiences in the fields being discussed and that is exactly what Steven W. Bernstein brings to his clients. Steven W. Bernstein is the founder of Foreclosure Defence, LLC which is a company that helps homeowners when they are up against foreclosure.

Steven W. Bernstein has his B.A., M.B.A., as well as Juris Doctorate and used these to start his career but before starting his own foreclosure company he owned a mortgage company for nineteen years. Before that, he worked for one of the nation’s largest lenders. These two jobs gave him an inside look at the mortgage industry. He has also held his real estate license for 28 years and therefore knows the ins and outs of the mortgage industry. Because of these careers, he is able to see the difficulties that homeowners face whether in negotiating or modifying loans with companies that typically put self serving over the best interests of their clients: the homeowners. These large banks look for profits and will make those profits at the cost of the homeowner and that is exactly why Steven W. Bernstein began Foreclosure Defence, LLC and continues to run it today nationwide. Let Foreclosure Defence, LLC take a look at your foreclosure and help you renegotiate to keep your home.